Château de Pizay: history of this charming estate in the Beaujolais area

History of Château de Pizay


The name Pizay was mentioned for the first time in 1030 in the Charters of the Abbey of Cluny. In 1070, walls were erected by the Lords of Pizay. In the 14th century, they built a sturdy tower and in the 18th century, the addition of a French-style garden added charm and elegance to the estate.

The configuration of the site is reminiscent of a Roman villa or perhaps a rest camp for travelers arriving from Rome on their way to Autun. A likely scenario given the proximity of an ancient byway, partly destroyed today.

The NANTON family left their mark on the history of the estate during the brilliant Renaissance period, ruling the land under a feudal system under the authority of the Lords of Beaujeu.

During the reigns of Louis XIII and Louis XIV, the NANTON dynasty gave way to that of SAINTE-COLOMBE.

In the 18th Century, the wealthy nobility of the time, descendants of Lyonnais drapers, undertook the embellishment of PIZAY, which continued until the dark years of the 20th Century, between the two World Wars.