An exceptional Spa between vineyard and forest

Our exceptional Spa of 1000 m2 is located in a park outbuilding at the rear of the Château de Pizay in a green setting, near the heated outdoor pool, tennis court, woods and vineyards. Nestled between vineyards and forest, it offers the perfect setting for relaxation.

Doze in a quiet cocoon bathed in light, try the experience of fire and ice, rediscover the pleasure of water, slide weightlessly in a palette of colours, let yourself be carried away by the harmonious sounds of the earth, drink in the scents of nature, spoil your body with exceptional treatments and soothe your spirit in the hands of expert beauty therapists.

Treat yourself to a rich travel experience and immerse yourself in the fountain of beauty ...


Opening hours

The Spa is available with or without reservation at the hotel.


From 10am to 7pm from Monday to Friday.
From 9am to 7pm on weekends and bank holidays.

Contact us: + 33 4 74 66 69 93



The Spa’s partner brands

Thalgo: With more than 50 years’ experience, the oceans have inspired Thalgo to create the ultimate beauty treatments.
Synonymous with exotic travel, emotions and infinite wonders, the world’s oceans have the power to soothe, to relax and to enhance the mind, the body and even the soul.
Thalgo will transport you, taking you on a delightfully intense and timeless journey as you experience the marvels of the world’s oceans for yourself. 
Unwind and enjoy the sensory experience of these exotic destinations:
Atlantic Treasure: boost your energy with the power of sea stones
Arctic Wonder: an exhilarating experience, combining hot and cold temperatures for incredible relaxation
Polynesia: awaken your senses on the idyllic islands of the Pacific for a feeling of total relaxation
Indian Ocean: a dreamy, tranquil experience which will transport you eastwards, soothing mind and body in perfect harmony
A warm welcome, an extraordinary experience, personalised treatments and visible, long-lasting results, because every woman is unique
and has her own view of youthfulness: choose from a collagen treatment for an instantly smoothing effect, a marine hyaluronic acid treatment to tackle existing wrinkles or 
a silicon treatment to lift and tighten the face. Take back control and enjoy visibly younger-looking skin!

Continue to enjoy the benefits of your treatment at home: you’ll find all our partner brand’s products at the spa’s shop.


The Winning Spa

  • 2020/2021/2022: “Best Spa Hotel in France”, awarded by Spas de France®;
  • 2016/2017: “Best Beauty Venue”, awarded at the Beauty Forum Paris (Health & Beauty group);
  • 2016: 1st prize in the “Spas de France® Hotel Trophy” category and 2nd prize in the “CIRCULATORY well-being massage” category in “Best Hands in France”, a national competition; 
  • 2015: 2nd prize in the “NEURO-MUSCULAR well-being massage” category in “Best Hands in France”, a national competition; 
  • 2012 and 2010: 1st prize for design, awarded by Le Trophée Spa.