A friendly bar in your 4-star hotel

The large bar lounge at Château de Pizay is a friendly and warm 200 m² venue where you can relax with a drink or to eat a quick snack.

In short, "Bar Lounge & Artists Gallery" is a true concept in Burgundy, where the art of hospitality comes into its own.

In fine weather, it is possible to sit in the outside courtyard.

The lounge offers a gentle relaxing atmosphere. At any time, you can sip a cocktail, a glass of Château wine or some other treat.

"Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health, consume in moderation."

Artists’ Gallery

Permanent exhibition of the painter Emilie Teillaud

Self-taught artist, Emilie Teillaud is a sculptor, painter and illustrator.His works, poetic, delicate and colorful, are odes to feelings and emotions.She sets in motion carnal or maternal love, tenderness, humility, fragility, devotion through her characters with generous and liberated bodies, entwined in spontaneous pauses and in dreamlike halos.The sensuality of her achievements, imbued with gentleness and energy, is an invitation to take the time to live, to feel and to love.