Our Health and wellbeing days

Our Health and wellbeing days

1/2 “Relaxing” day 1 person: € 144/2 people: € 279
1 Aquasens pass of 2 hours
1 Exfoliation of 30 min + 1 Massage of 30 min
or 1 Facial Treatment of 1 hour

“Rejuvenating” day 1 person: € 226/2 people: € 439
1 2-hour aquasens pass
1 All-you-can-eat buffet lunch with drinks
1 30-minute massage
1 Facial treatment of 30 min
1 Body wrap or 1 Exfoliation of 30 min

“Invigorating” day 1 person: € 269/2 people: € 519
1 2-hour aquasens pass
1 All-you-can-eat buffet lunch with drinks
1 Facial treatment "Prodigy of the oceans"
1 Body Massage

Day "Duo" 2 people: 340 €
1 Aquasens Pass of 2 hours for 2 people.
1 Unlimited Buffet Lunch with Drinks for 2 pers.
1 private spa of 30 min for 2 people.
1 30-minute massage for 2 people.

Massages: These are by no means medical massages or physiotherapy, but aesthetic comfort massages with no medical purpose.

Our Health and wellbeing days

Enjoy a Spa day accompanied by a delicious buffet.

Château Pizay offers you a Spa & Buffet day at noon, a few steps from Lyon in Beaujolais.

Relax at the hotel's Spa all day, then at noon take a break to enjoy a varied buffet suited to your well-being day.

The chef of the gourmet restaurant offers fresh, seasonal products. You will find healthy, organic, light but complete dishes.

Our body care

Our Body care

OUR MASSAGES - 50mn - 99 € / 1pers - 194 € / 2pers

Ayurvedic massages

  •     Abhyanga    Tonic massage from ayurveda, brings muscle relaxation and harmony thanks to the essential oils of coriander, sage and sandalwood.
  •     Science of Marmas     Inspired by Ayurveda, rebalancing energy points, in order to find harmony between body and mind through enveloping maneuvers and stretching.

Polynesian massage
At the heart of Polynesian traditions and serenity, this exquisite journey invites you to let go, releases tension, monoi sublimates your skin.

Traditional Thai Massage
Performed on a futon, this massage reduces muscle tension and harmonizes energy circulation, thanks to acupressure points and stretching throughout the body. (On request when booking - Provide flexible and comfortable clothing)

Balinese massage
Energetic and neuromuscular, this massage with essential oils, firm and deep, relieves both body and mind to regain relaxation and vitality.

"Tailor-made" massage
Personalized and adapted to your needs, let yourself be guided by expert hands according to your desires of the moment. (Sporty and tonic, draining, relaxing, ...)

Pregnant Woman Massage (between 4 and 8 months)
Adapts to different stages of pregnancy. Draining and enveloping massage, which takes care of your entire body thanks to
very soft and relaxing adapted effleurages. (Neutral products, without essential oils)


Signature Massage of the Château - 1h30 - 184 € / 1pers - 349 € / 2pers

Unique global head and body massage protocol created for you by Spa practitioners which will bring you ultimate relaxation of body and mind. This incomparable massage will force you to "let go" and will plunge you into a state of absolute serenity.
Massaged Areas and Benefits: Feet & skull / anterior face & posterior face / arms & hands harmonization of the body - Awareness of one's body in general - Optimal muscle relaxation - Soothing physical and psychological tensions.

Hot Stone Massage - 1h15 - 160 € / 1pers - 305 € / 2pers

A massage technique of Amerindian origin using hot volcanic pebbles, to deeply relax the muscles and intensely release tension. A feeling of deep relaxation that invades the body.
Massaged areas and Benefits: Back / abdomen & bust / arms & hands / legs anterior & posterior face. Invitation to sleep - Deep relaxation - Relaxation of tensions - Muscle relaxation.

FACE & SCALP MASSAGE - 30mn - 62 € / 1pers - 112 € / 2pers
The head, the trapezoids and the neck centralize many nervous tensions. Relaxing them with a targeted massage, offers intense relaxation by reducing sensitivity to stress, promoting disconnection and improving the quality of sleep.

* Massages: these are by no means medical massages or physiotherapy, but aesthetic comfort massages with no medical purpose.


Our facials

Our facials

1h00 - 108 € / 1pers - 207 € / 2pers:

Source Marine: This treatment durably corrects the hydration rate of dehydrated skin, deeply replenishes it, gives it a velvety feel and original radiance.

Purity Marine: Specifically dedicated to combination to oily skin, this treatment offers marine power to
regain the beauty of healthy skin. Imperfections are visibly reduced, pores refined and shine controlled.

Cold Cream Marine: A true haven of peace for dry and sensitive skin, this treatment delivers the quintessence of the Cold Cream Marine recipe, exclusive to Thalgo, to sustainably nourish and increase the tolerance threshold for delicate and fragile skin.

Spirulina Straightener: Detoxifying treatment for urban skin, enriched with Spirulina and boosted in marine magnesium to relax features, restore a fresh complexion, and smooth the first wrinkles.

Hyalu-Procollagène: Wrinkle-to-wrinkle treatment combining hyaluronic acids & marine pro-collagen with Roller Boosters, for visible effectiveness, from the 1st treatment. Instantly, the face appears younger, as if relaxed, and even established wrinkles seem smoothed out.

Silicium Lift: This THALGO star treatment excels through its high performance in correcting loss of firmness and smoothing pronounced wrinkles. At the heart of its protocol, a formidably effective anti-wrinkle massage and a professional double mask firm, erase wrinkles and restore radiance to the complexion.

PRODIGY OF THE OCEANS - 1h30 - 170 € / 1pers - 330 € / 2pers:
A Supreme Skincare experience dedicated to Youth and Intense Letting go to offer you innovation and technicality, luxury and emotion. Inspired by KOBIDO, an ancestral Japanese technique of manual lifting, this treatment restores firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Spa rituals

Spa rituals


"Renaissance" 1h00: 108 € / 1pers - 207 € / 2pers
1 Exfoliation of 30 min + 1 Massage of 30 min

"Prodigy of the Oceans" 2h00: 210 € / 1pers - 402 € / 2pers
1 Massage + 1 Facial Treatment

"Prestige" 1h30: 164 € / 1pers - 318 € / 2pers
1 Massage of 30 min + 1 Facial Treatment 30 min + 1 Wrap or 1 Scrub of 30 min

"Marine Immersion Duo" 3h00: 540 € / 2pers
Complete body and face care!
- Face: adapted to the needs of your skin: Skin cleaning, Exfoliation, Massage and double mask.
- Body: Exfoliation + Body wrap + Massage + Private hammam + Private balneotherapy.

* Massages: these are not medical massages or physiotherapy, but aesthetic comfort massages with no medical purpose.

Our beauty treatment rooms

Our beauty treatment rooms

  • 1 treatment room is located in the Multisensory space near the "Aquasens" area of our Spa (accessible to people with reduced mobility).
  • 7 treatment rooms are located in our Cocooning area near the Spa treatment rooms (accessible to people with reduced mobility).
  • 1 Quadruple

 All treatment rooms are equipped with:

  • Height adjustable, heated massage bed 
  • Shower in standing and sitting position 
  • Bathrobe, a pair of slippers and bath towels are at your disposal.

3 VIP Duo treatment rooms: two people can share the thrill of having skin care treatments together. Duo treatment rooms also have:

  • Private aromatic whirlpool 
  • Private Hammam (steam room)

Four people can share the experience of a massage and/or beauty care in a quadruple treatment room. Our room for four welcomes you for 30, 50 or 90 minute massages but also for beauty care and nail care.