Our Health and wellbeing days

Our Health and wellbeing days

*Massage = beauty massage without medical directive

Our Health and wellbeing days

"Instant Divin" ½ day: 134€ per person - 259€ for 2 people
 1hr facial or 1hr "Rituel Renaissance" + 2hr Aquasens pass.

"Discovery" day: 179€ per person – 339€ for 2 people
2hr Aquasens pass + 1 massage + 1 Facial + 1 all-you-can-eat spa buffet lunch with drinks.

"Eaux relaxantes" day: 194€ per person – 379€ for 2 people
1 50-min massage   + 1 20-min Scrub + 2hr Aquasens pass + 1 all-you-can-eat spa buffet lunch with drinks.

 "Millésime" day:  259€ per person - 509€ for 2 people
1 massage + 1 Facial + 2hr Aquasens pass + 1 all-you-can-eat spa buffet lunch with drinks.

*Massage = beauty massage without medical directive

Our body care

Our Body care

OUR MASSAGES - 50min - 99€ per person - 194€ for 2 people

Massage Drainant et Relaxant: for immediate and efficient relief from the sensations of heavy legs and to stimulate the blood circulation, thanks to deep and ascending strokes.

Massage Sportif et Tonique: this has a dual action, promoting physical preparation, on the one hand, through appropriate muscular stimulation and muscular recovery on the other, after a sporting ordeal thanks to deep and sustained strokes.

Massage Sur-Mesure: This “tailor-made" massage is 100% adapted to your needs. Discuss with your practitioner the techniques to use, the type of pressure to be exerted and the intensity and style of stroke you want.

Massage Polynésien: the gentle secret of Polynesian serenity, this traditional massage leads to absolute relaxation. An exquisite journey with slow and powerful strokes using the hands, forearms and Tuipono hot sand bags, under a Tiare breeze. The Monoï oil pampers the skin, relaxing all tensions.

Massage Ayurvédique: escape to India and discover an ancient technique: Ayurveda. This vigorous massage consists of alternating slow and fast strokes, friction and stimulation of the energy points. It brings you muscular relaxation and harmony.

Massage visage & crâne: - 30min - 59€ per person - 104€ for 2 people
The head, the trapezius muscle and the nape of the neck centralize many nervous tensions. Releasing muscle tension in this region, using a targeted massage, offers intense relaxation by lowering the sensitivity to stress, favouring the ability to switch off and improving the quality of sleep.

* Massage = comforting beauty massage without medical directive
Net price VAT included

Our facials

Our facials

1hr - 104€ per person - 199€ for 2 people

LES SOINS FONDAMENTAUX (fundamental facial treatments):

Rituel Source Marine: this treatment permanently corrects the hydration level of dehydrated skin, refreshing it deeply, giving it back its velvety touch and original sparkle.

Rituel Pureté Marine: specifically aimed at mixed to oily skin, this treatment uses the power of the sea to restore glowing healthy skin. This facial reduces imperfections, closes pores and controls shiny skin.

Rituel Cold Cream Marine: Genuine haven of peace for dry and sensitive skin, this treatment delivers the essence of the exclusive Thalgo Marine Cold Cream recipe, to sustainably nourish and increase the tolerance threshold of a delicate and fragile epidermis.

LES SOINS EXPERTS JEUNESSE (to keep youthful skin):

Soin Lisseur Collagène: To combat the first signs of aging, this unique professional treatment drenches the skin with collagen of marine origin, whose unique molecules, with incomparable bioavailability, plumps up wrinkles and fine lines. The skin, intensely hydrated, becomes ultra-smooth with a radiant complexion.

Soin Hyalu-Procollagène: Wrinkle to wrinkle treatment combining hyaluronic acids & marine pro-collagen with Roller Boosters, for visible effectiveness, from the first treatment.Instantly, the face appears younger, as if relaxed, and even established wrinkles seem smoothed out.

Soin Silicium Lift: This star THALGO treatment excels by its high performance in correcting the loss of firmness and the smoothing of visible wrinkles. At the heart of its protocol, a incredibly effective wrinkle-correction cream and a professional double-action mask that firms the skin, erases wrinkles and restores a radiant complexion.

Net price VAT included

Spa rituals

Spa rituals

Rituel Renaissance : 104€ per person - 199€  for 2 people
1 30-min massage + 1 30-min scrub

Rituel Prestige :  159€ per person - 304€ for 2 people
1 30-min massage + 1 30-minute facial treatment + 1 30-min body wrap

Rituel Prodige des Oceans : 204€ per person - 394€ for 2 people
1 massage + 1 face massage of 30 min

*Massage = comforting beauty massage without medical directive
Net price VAT included

Our beauty treatment rooms

Our beauty treatment rooms

  • 1 treatment room is located in the Multisensory space near the "Aquasens" area of our Spa (accessible to people with reduced mobility).
  • 7 treatment rooms are located in our Cocooning area near the Spa treatment rooms (accessible to people with reduced mobility).
  • 1 Quadruple

 All treatment rooms are equipped with:

  • Height adjustable, heated massage bed 
  • Shower in standing and sitting position 
  • Bathrobe, a pair of slippers and bath towels are at your disposal.

3 VIP Duo treatment rooms: two people can share the thrill of having skin care treatments together. Duo treatment rooms also have:

  • Private aromatic whirlpool 
  • Private Hammam (steam room)

Four people can share the experience of a massage and/or beauty care in a quadruple treatment room. Our room for four welcomes you for 30, 50 or 90 minute massages but also for beauty care and nail care.