Fun hydrotherapy pool

Hydromassage platform: Air jets over the whole body.

Lateral Jets: Air jets specific to the lower back, the abdomen and buttocks.

External Jacuzzi jets: Air jet action aimed at the paraspinal and trapezius muscles.

Internal Jacuzzi jets: Water jets aimed at the paraspinal and trapezius muscles.

Volcanoes: Water jets that act on the feet

Queue de Carpe And Col De Cygne *: powerful water jets recommended for all areas of high tension: trapezius, paraspinal and abdominal muscles. Their use is recommended at the end of the hydrotherapy circuit after relaxation of the entire body.

Multisensory space

Sauna*: dry heat at 80°C. A towel (available at the entrance of the Aquasens area) should be placed between the bench and the skin to absorb sweat and protect the skin from the heat of the wood

Hammam*: steam room at 45°C.
For both the Sauna and Hammam, several short sessions are recommended. Sauna and Hammam times should be adapted to your needs.

Waterfall shower: Bucket of fresh water / Ice Fountain: Crushed ice / Cold Water Basin: 15 to 20°C
For use after the sauna, steam room and at any other time as you wish. They are ideal for cooling down the body temperature after prolonged exposure to heat.

Experience Shower: sensory shower allowing you to free your spirit momentarily. Chromotherapy wakens the senses through the diffusion of different scents using various forms of diffusion.

*These activities are not recommended for pregnant women and /or people with certain health problems, so please advise  us when you arrive at the Spa reception.

Aquasens hydrotherapy area: Access to the hydrotherapy pool and multisensory space


 1 person2 persons
2 hours45 €  90 €

Option : 20 min body scrub with black soap 35€



6 x 2h

190 €

10 x 2h

290 €

20 x 2h

 544 €